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This is the Japanese word for improvement. Kaizen implies more than improvement in basic production processes. Kaizen represents a philosophy whereby an organization, and the individuals within it, undertake continual improvements of all aspects of organizational life.
The Japanese methodology for achieving JIT, often involving the use of "kanbans," or cards, to indicate parts status.
Kelvin (K)
The unit of absolute or thermodynamic temperature scale based upon the Celsius scale with 100 units between the ice point and boiling point of water (i.e. 0°C = 273.15K).
Key performance indicators (KPI)
Measurement(s) which determine if the critical success factor was successfully achieved.
Kickoff meeting
A meeting between members of a buyer's team and a builder's team designed to foster communication and provide focus and direction for the custom automation project. Normally, a kickoff meeting is held shortly after a purchase order is placed by the buyer and accepted by the builder.
Kilowatt (kw)
Equivalent to 1000 watts.
Kilowatt hour (kwh)
1000 watthours.
Kilovolt amperes (kva)
1000 volt amps.
Kinetic energy
The energy of motion of a moving body.
Knee Brace
A structural brace at an angular position to another structural component for the purpose of providing support and/or stability of the conveyor frame.
Abbreviation for kilovolt amperes (1000-volt amps).

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