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An electromagnetic feedback transducer providing an analog voltage signal proportional to rotational speed.
The assembly of the necessary structural and mechanical parts which provides the means to adjust the length of belts, cables, chains, etc. to compensate for stretch, shrinkage, or wear and to maintain proper tension.
Take-up belt tension
The actual amount of tension in each of the two runs of conveying medium approaching and leaving the take-up.
Take-up pulley
A pulley mounted on the take-up shaft.
Tapered roller
A conveyor roller for use in a curve with end and intermediate diameters proportional to their distance from the center of the curve.
Abbreviation for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. A transport layer protocol and a network layer protocol developed by the Department of Defense. This is a commonly used combination for communication within networks and across internetworks.
Teardown (for shipment)
Tasks required to prepare a system for shipment or transfer to another location. Teardown may include level-mapping, mechanical disassembly, electrical disassembly, and tagging for identification to facilitate reassembly.
Teardown (station)
The disassembly of one or more stations of a system to spot check the completeness and accuracy of the documentation; sometimes required by the buyer.
Any operator interface used to communicate with a computer from a remote location.
Thermal transfer printing
Thermal transfer printing is a digital printing process in which material is applied to paper (or some other material) by melting a coating of ribbon so that it stays glued to the material on which the print is applied.
The rate at which equipment processes or transmits data.
Thumb-wheel switch
A multi-position rotary switch with a sprocket that is stepped forward or backward by using a finger or thumb to rotate it.
Specifically, a Gantt chart showing the durations and relationships of sub-tasks involved in the competition of an entire project. In general, a reference to a schedule, especially for a project.
To switch alternately between 2 possible selections.
Toggle switch
A lever-action, 2-position switch that snaps into either position.
An instrument used to perform a task or to display collected data. For example; graphs, charts, diagrams, questionnaires, etc.
Tool-less changeover
The equipment changeover can be performed by an operator without using any tools.
A turning or twisting force that tends to produce rotation.
Total Quality Management (TQM)
A systematic customer focused approach to continuous performance improvement. A philosophy and set of guiding principles which represent the foundation for continuously improving the organization through employee involvement. The application of quantitative methods and human resources to improve the materials and services supplied to and by an organization and all the processes within the organization and the degree to which the needs of the customer are met. The integration of fundamental management techniques, existing improvement efforts, and technical tools, under a disciplined approach to focus on continuous improvement.
Touch screen
A CRT screen with which an operator can interact by touching icons or symbols displayed on the screen, rather than through a keyboard or mouse. Typically, touch screen interaction is faster than via a keyboard or using a mouse.
Track and trace
Track and trace or tracking and tracing, concerns a process of determining the current and past locations (and other information) of a unique item.
A device that converts signals from one physical form to another.
A device or series of devices, usually mounted inside a conveyor section, which uses belts, chains, o-rings, rollers, or skate- wheels, to move products at right angles to adjacent or parallel conveyor lines.
Turn-around time
The time it takes a communication module to receive, interpret, act upon, and reply to an incoming message.
Turnkey automation systems
The ability of a builder to provide everything needed to design, fabricate, program, and install a custom automation system to the buyer's specifications.
Turnkey system
An application satisfied completely by delivering and installing a system that is ready to operate.
Horizontal, rotatable conveyance mechanism used for transferring objects between conveyors which are in angular relation to one another.
A round shape mechanical assembly platform with multiple tools typically used to process components on a rotary continuous-motion or indexing assembly platform.

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