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Abbreviation for Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. An independent laboratory that establishes standards for commercial and industrial products.
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
A series of batteries through which the main supply is passed. Should the main supply fail, the batteries ensure continuity of power to the computer for a short time, allowing the computer to shut down in an organized way and avoiding corrupted or incomplete data files.
Universal Product Code - UPC (bar code)
A standard bar code type for retail packaging in the United States.
Update time
1) For analog inputs, the time between updates to the memory in the analog module of the digital value representing the analog input signal. 2) For analog outputs, the time from the digital value being received at the analog module to when the analog output signal corresponds to that digital value.
In a manufacturing system, the passing of plant-floor information, such as production results, upward through the CIM hierarchy.
User acceptance testing
This may include factory acceptance testing, i.e. the testing done by factory users before the factory is moved to its own site, after which site acceptance testing may be performed by the users at the site (also see FAT).
User Requirements Specifications (URS)
The URS is a document used in systems engineering that specifies the requirements the user expects from the equipment to be built for a specific project.
Energy sources and other energy-related support necessary to run a system. Electricity, compressed air, chilled water, air conditioning, an heated oil are some examples.
A measure of how much a particular machine or system is planned to be used, compared with the total time available. The percentage of available time the machine is scheduled to be run. Also, the number of hours the machine is scheduled to be running divided by total available hours (the number of hours the plant usually works without overtime).

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