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Abbreviation for wide-area network.
Warehouse management systems (WMS)
Software that integrates activities performed mechanically and by humans with an information system to effectively manage warehouse business processes and direct warehouse activities.
Washdown (also wash down) is the process of cleaning with water and/or chemicals in industries such as food and beverage and pharmaceuticals. A washdown is usually a manual operation and is designed to kill bacteria and other micro-organisms.
A fail-safe mechanism that can be used to set I/O points to a "safe" state if communications with the controller is lost.
Watchdog timer
A timer that monitors a cyclical process and is cleared at the conclusion of each cycle. If the watchdog runs past its programmed time period, it will cause a fault.
The distance traveled by light (or other radiation) while completing one complete sine-wave cycle. It is expressed in nanometers (nm). Each color has a specific wavelength.
Weigh checker
See Checkweigher.
A trough, with hinged or removable covers; for housing and protecting electric wires and cables and in which conductors are laid in place after the wireway has been installed as a complete system. A wireway may be made of either sheet metal or of a flame-retardant nonmetallic material.
The magnitude of a force times the distance through which that force is applied. (work = force x distance)
Work center
A physical or logical production area used as a unit for scheduling and routing operations. It is usually defined as being either labor or machine constrained, and while it may contain multiple machines or personnel they are considered identical in terms of the capability to process products assigned to that center. A work center may perform multiple operations, but capacity requirements are usually tracked only at the total work center level. Work center definitions can be flexible based on the process and reporting capabilities and requirements of the organization.
1) A powerful stand-alone computer of the sort used in applications requiring considerable calculating or graphics capability. 2) A combination of input, output, and computing hardware that can be used for work by an individual. 3) A microcomputer or terminal connected to a network.
World class
A general term for a high level of competitive performance as defined by benchmarking and use of best practices.
Worm screw drive
A worm drive is a popular type of gear arrangement in which a worm (a gear in the form of a screw) meshes with a worm gear. Like other gear drives, a worm drive can reduce rotational speed or allow higher torque to be transmitted.
To load data into somewhere (memory, an output, another station).

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