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Wash Down Rotary Labeler

Higher-Speed, Precise, Wash Down Labeling

Designed for the application of a film or paper pressure sensitive label at higher speeds or onto larger containers, the Weiler Labeling Systems RLW-760 wash down rotary labeler combines a larger robust modular platform with air-actuated top hold, and cam-activated or motor-driven product rotation. This design ensures years of trouble-free operation at highest efficiency levels with minimal maintenance requirements. The RLW-760 is designed and built to IP-25 standards for Food & Beverage labeling applications. The RLW-760 comes with an enhanced zero-access guarding package, meeting the most stringent safety standards.

The RLW-760 can be configured with a variety of options such as single or redundant label heads, as well as label coding and inspection.

The RLW-760 is the latest update in our long history of robust machine designs. Backed by WLS' reputation of quality, impeccable service and customer care, and industry leading extended warranty coverage, it is built to meet the most challenging labeling demands.


  • Container Type: Glass, metal or plastic – Round, oval, rectangular or compound angles
  • Label Accuracy range:
    • Vertical Position: Dependent on label roll slitting accuracy
    • Skew: Dependent on sidewall vertical accuracy
    • Placement: Dependent on application


  • Left hand or right hand discharge
  • Stainless steel clad base
  • IP-25 wash down standards (low pressure jets of water from all directions - limited ingress permitted)
  • Raised-bed stainless steel conveyor
  • Zero-access Cat 3 or better guarding
  • Synchronized servomotor-driven feedscrew, machine and conveyor drives
  • Continuous-motion capability
  • Multi-shape container capability
  • Tool-less quick changeover (single datum)
  • Boom mounted, user-friendly and password protected HMI
  • Positive track and reject
  • No proprietary electronics


  • Color-marked container tooling
  • Recessed product platforms (for compound angle containers)
  • Motorized container height adjustment
  • Motor-driven product platforms
  • Container orienting prior to labeling
  • Vacuum soft-reject star wheel
  • X-3 or X-4 label head
  • Integration of all major code printing (thermal ink jet, thermal ribbon and laser) and vision inspection brands
  • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and other custom HMI screens
  • Remote Ethernet access (for long distance diagnostics)
  • UL, seismic and CE certification

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