Vial Coding

Weiler Labeling Systems’ (WLS) VCV-Series vial coder allows for the coding and inspection of unlabeled cylindrical products (i.e. Brite Stocking) with simple tool-less changeovers between runs of product sizes.

With its small footprint it can easily be integrated into existing packaging lines.

The vacuum dial design with an optional neck support feature allows for precise control of the vials when accurately positioned printing is required on the vial neck. The vacuum feature also allows for the precise rejection of vials whose code could not be read correctly.

Our VCV-Series coding systems are designed to precisely print codes onto, as well as handle, cylindrical products and has features such as:

  • Coding of the product body, cap or neck.
  • Human-readable or 2D Data Matrix, visible or UV ink code printing.
  • Coding in a continuous mode using ink jet or laser printers.
  • Inspection for properly printed code using the most widely used vision systems.
  • Code serialization capabilities.

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