Ampules & Cartridges

Pressure sensitive labelers for pharmaceutical ampules and cartridges

WLS labelers are used to label ampules or cartridges with wraparound labels. The labels can also be serialized and inspected prior to application. To make sure all ampules or cartridges are properly labeled to meet the strict demands of their industry, WLS provides innovative systems with advanced technology that’s easy to use and maintain. The VR-72 is used to label ampules or cartridges while in a vertical orientation with wraparound labels at speeds up to 450ppm.

This high-speed labeling machinery is designed for the application of a film or paper pressure sensitive label onto ampules or cartridges. This in-line labeler combines a modular platform with a breakthrough vertical roller track design that references the container sidewall for consistent and precise label application combined with continuous web dispensing via vacuum drum label application. Features on the VR include fast changeovers, ease of operation and HMI-based recipe controls.

This machine is designed to be configured with a variety of options such as removable rollers for quick container size and pitch changes, single or redundant label heads, label coding and inspection including serialized codes, integrated feeding systems, and more. Using the WLS patented Reconciler, the VR can remove, count, and rewind rejected labels prior to their application onto a container.

Featuring an enhanced-zero-access guarding package and meeting the most stringent safety standards, this machine can be used for a wide range of product sizes. For over 30 years, WLS has been designing, manufacturing, integrating, and supporting the most sophisticated and advanced pressuring sensitive labeling solutions in the marketplace.

Used in the pharmaceutical and medical industries, these labeling machines are used to perform in a safe and controlled environment. Ensuring that all ampules or cartridges are properly handled and labeled, WLS is backed by a reputation of quality, service, and industry leading extended warranty coverage, enabling the labeling machines to meet the most challenging demand.