Leaftlet Placers & Labeler Accessories

WLS offers a variety of accessories for integration into its pressure sensitive labeling platforms. These systems are designed to enhance your current system and create ease of use and maintenance, faster production, greater flexibility, and more.

Accessories for the pressure sensitive labelers include:

  • Side Leaflet Placer SLP

  • Top Leaflet Placer TLP

  • VVM Label Applicator

  • Semi-Automatic Tray Loaders

Upgrade your pressure sensitive labeling system with the all new accessories from Weiler. Contact us today to learn more.

Side leaflet placer capable of applying leaflet to a container side on an RL labeler

Top leaflet placer applicator capable of applying leaflet to a container top on an RL or VR labeler

WLS offers a variety of tray loading options following its vial labelers. We work with automation partners to offer manual to semi-automatic options.