Other Applications

Pressure sensitive labelers for many shapes and sizes of non-pharmaceutical plastic, glass or metal containers; unpackaged, non-pharmaceutical products (such as batteries or e-cigarette pods); non-pharmaceutical food products

While WLS is a premier supplier of labelers to the pharmaceutical industry, WLS labelers are used throughout a variety of industries – utilizing the same precision and quality required for pharmaceuticals and spirits.

WLS labelers orient and/or label most shapes and sizes of plastic, glass or metal containers with front and back or wraparound labels.

WLS labeling machines are perfect for non-pharmaceutical applications, such as...

  • Spice containers
  • Electronic cigarette pods
  • Condiments in bottles
  • Batteries
    • Lithium batteries
    • Household batteries
      WLS has superior know-how in designing and manufacturing battery labelers / battery labeling machines.
  • Many others...

Please contact us with your application.

Below are some sample videos of WLS labelers and label printers for non-pharmaceutical applications

Glass bottles being labeled at 550 ppm

Glass bottles being labeled front and back at 200 ppm

Plastic bottles being labeled with a sidesert and bottom code association

Plastic bottles being labeled with a 5 panel label

Glass bottles being labeled at high speed

Plastic tubes being labeled

AUTONOMY state-of-the-art, high-speed, full-color, stand-alone digital label printer