VCV Coding Glass Vial Aluminum Overseal

Compact, Precise Vial Coding

The increased need for product identification and traceability, especially prior to labeling, has forced the pharmaceutical industry to implement coding and code verification on existing or new packaging lines.

The VCV Vial Coding & Verification Platform is specifically designed for accurate coding of unlabeled vials. With its own PLC and separately validated controls the VCV can be integrated within an existing packaging line, or run as a stand-alone machine. It is capable of handling vials at speeds up to 300ppm.

In this video, filled and capped vials are coded on the aluminum crimp area with a fiber laser printer. An ink jet option is also available. The code is 2D, but can also be alpha-numeric. The print head is mounted on a motor-driven slide, automatically adjusted to print in the middle of the crimp area. This is especially critical on large molded glass vials. The code is inspected and rejected vials are sent to a reject lane. To learn more about vial coding, contact Weiler today.