Label Coder LC-100

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Stand-Alone High-Speed Coding

Building on the company’s expertise in labeling and high-speed continuous-motion printing and inspection, WLS has introduced its LC-100 label coder which is designed for high-speed, efficient, accurate and economical coding of labels. With its own PC and separately validated controls, the LC-100 is used as a stand-alone unit and the coded labels can be run on existing labelers resulting in minimal down time or changes to the labeler operations.

Depending on the application the LC-100 is capable of handling labels at speeds in excess of 500ppm and offers a fast and easy way to serialization compliance where one or more packaging lines need to be upgraded.

The LC-100 delivers total flexibility by offering multiple printing and vision options. Thermal transfer or laser printers can be integrated to print or scribe human-readable and/or 2D Data Matrix serialized codes onto the label. In addition various vision platforms can be used to re-acquire and verify each code for readability and accuracy.

Backed by WLS’ reputation of quality, impeccable service and customer care, and industry leading extended warranty coverage, the LC-100 is built to meet the most challenging label coding demands.


  • Compact footprint
  • Balcony-style structure
  • cGMP compliant construction
  • Integrated electrical enclosure
  • B&R controls and motion
  • Servomotor-driven unwind, nip roller and rewind
  • Low level, end of web and broken web detection
  • Fixed position, user-friendly and password protected HMI


  • Integration of all major code printing (i.e. thermal transfer, laser) and vision inspection brands
  • Code inspection, verification and/or grading
  • Automatic removal of labels with a failed code
  • Data collection
  • Remote Ethernet access (for long distance diagnostics)
  • 21CFR Part 11 compliance
  • DDS/FAT documentation
  • UL, Seismic or CE field evaluation


  • Roll Size:
    • Diameter – 18" (457mm)
    • Core – 3" (76mm)
  • Label Sizes:
    • Width – 0.75" (19mm) to 4" (101mm)
    • Length – Unlimited
  • Coding Speed:
    • Label Speed – In excess of 500 labels per minute*
  • Code Dispensing Accuracy
    • Code Placement – As close as +/- 0.020” (+/-0.5mm)**
  • Typical Footprint: 55” (1397mm) wide by 23” (585mm) deep

* Dependent on label length, printing and vision requirements **Dependent on label specifications and printing requirements