Side Leaflet Placer SLP

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High-speed, Precise Leaflet Applicators

The WLS SLP side leaflet placer affixes leaflets accurately and efficiently to the container sidewall at speeds up to 500ppm. It is available either as an integrated or stand-alone unit.

The heart of the system is a servomotor-driven star wheel which positively extracts leaflets from an accumulation magazine. The SLP design eliminates the need for adjustable stop pins and the problems associated with vacuum extraction. Hot melt glue is automatically applied to each container prior to leaflet application. The SLP is electronically driven and encoded to the parent machine allowing it to accurately place leaflets at varying line speeds.

The SLP Side Leaflet Placer applicator can be configured with a variety of options such as a "Rack" feeder which stores up to forty-five minutes of leaflets before operator reloading is required while allowing for replenishment while the unit is running, as well as various verification sensors.

Backed by WLS' reputation of quality, impeccable service and customer care, and industry leading extended warranty coverage, the SLP Side Leaflet applicator is built to meet the most challenging leaflet application demands.


  • Retrofit able onto most labeling systems, or supplied as a stand-alone system
  • X-Y adjustment brackets
  • Five-foot belt-powered leaflet accumulation magazine
  • Nordson "ProBlue" hot melt applicator
  • Tool-less quick change leaflet star wheel
  • Servomotor-driven
  • Accurate placement at varying line speeds
  • Low leaflet sensor
  • No proprietary electronics


  • Adjustable leaflet star wheel
  • Longer accumulation magazine
  • Accumulation rack feeder with 6, 12, 25 or 50 pockets
  • Leaflet inspection
  • Verification of code on the leaflet adhesive side
  • Missing leaflet on product sensor
  • Product counter
  • Leaflet counter
  • FAT/DDS/IQOQ documentation
  • UL, Seismic or CE field evaluation


  • Leaflet Size:
    • Width - 1/2" to 2" (13mm to 51mm)
    • Height - 1" to 3" (25.4mm to 76mm)
  • Standard Hopper Length:
    • 60" (1525mm)
  • Application Speed:
    • Up to 500ppm
  • Surface Speed:
    • 0-2500 in/min (0 to 63.5 m/min)