Label Applicator LA-2000

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Reliable, Precise Web Handling

The WLS LA-2000 label applicator has been designed to offer accurate and reliable pressure-sensitive labeling. The closed-loop servomotor-driven push/pull label drive virtually eliminates the need for operator adjustment. This results in superior and consistent production from shift to shift, year after year.

The LA-2000 incorporates three motors to enhance the accuracy and reliability of the applicator. The primary drive motor is the heart of the servo control mechanism. Twin drive rollers are directly driven by a fast response servomotor which indexes the label web for accurate label application onto a moving "target". The motor is programmed to start slowly, accelerate to a speed, match the container speed at the instant of application and then come to a soft stop. The result of the programmed acceleration curve is a significant reduction of stress on the backing web. The other two motors unwind the label from the label roll and rewind the spent liner material allowing the main drive motor to operate free of torque variations as the input roll is consumed.

Backed by WLS' reputation of quality, impeccable service and customer care, and industry leading extended warranty coverage, the LA-2000 is built to meet the most challenging labeling demands.


  • Powered unwind
  • Push-pull design:
    • "Closed loop" servomotor controlled
    • Isolated web tension (unaffected by unwind or rewind functions)
  • "Free Loop" powered rewind
  • Soft start/stop and ability to profile the label application via electronic camming
  • Remote control and jog station
  • No proprietary electronics


  • Custom mountings
  • Low roll, end of web and broken web detection
  • Integration of all major code printing brands
  • PLC integration
  • FAT/DDS/IQOQ documentation
  • UL, Seismic or CE field evaluation


  • Roll Size:
    • Diameter – 16" (406mm) unwind
    • Core – 3" (76mm)
  • Label Size:
    • Width – 0.75" (19mm) to 4"or 8" (101mm or 202mm)
    • Length – Unlimited
  • Dispensing Speed:
    • Intermittent Mode – Up to 2400 in/min (61 m/min)
    • Continuous Mode – Up to 4500 in/min (114 m/min)
  • Dispensing Accuracy:
    • ± 0.015" (± 0.4mm)