Pressure Sensitive Label Head X-3

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High-Speed, Precise Web Handling

Designed to increase performance and enhance flexibility, WLS X-3 label head is a fully servomotor-driven system incorporating significant size reduction and design simplification over previous models. A 3-axis mounting assembly with digital settings allows for precise peel plate adjustment and product changeover in minimal time. Pneumatic core chucks are used on the unwind and rewind reels. The renowned WLS "closed loop" push-pull system has been redesigned to allow for easy tool-less disassembly and ease of cleaning.

The X-3's non-proprietary electronics have been conveniently located underneath the label head to reduce wiring between the label head and the main electrical panel, and to allow easy reconfiguration and addition of label heads onto a labeler.

The X-3 can be configured with a variety of options such label coding and inspection including serialized codes, dual label unwinds, and the Interceptor which automatically removes a rejected label prior to container application.

Backed by WLS' reputation of quality, impeccable service and customer care, and industry leading extended warranty coverage, the X-3 is built to meet the most challenging labeling demands.


  • Integrated electrical enclosure
  • 3-axis label head adjustment (vertical, horizontal in/out and rotational) with digital settings
  • Pneumatic unwind and rewind core chucks
  • Push-pull design:
    • "Closed loop" servomotor controlled
    • Isolated web tension (unaffected by unwind or rewind functions)
    • Simple label web threading
    • Tool-less disassembly
  • Synchronized servomotor-driven unwind, push-pull and rewind
  • Intermittent or continuous-motion label modes
  • Soft start/stop via electronic camming
  • Low roll, end of web and broken web detection
  • No proprietary electronics


  • Dual unwind
  • Integration of most major code printing (including label serialization) and vision inspection brands
  • Remote Ethernet access (for long distance diagnostics)
  • FAT/DDS/IQOQ documentation
  • UL, Seismic or CE field evaluation


  • Roll Size:
    • Diameter – 18" (457mm) unwind
    • Core – 3" (76mm)
  • Label Size:
    • 0.75" (19mm) to 4"/6"/8" (101mm/152mm/202mm)
    • Length – Unlimited
  • Dispensing Speed:
    • Intermittent Mode – Up to 2400 in/min (61 m/min)
    • Continuous Mode – Up to 4500 in/min (114 m/min)
  • Dispensing Accuracy: ± 0.015" (± 0.4mm)