SPS-200 Printing Serialized Codes on Labels

Designed for high-speed, efficient, accurate and economical coding of labels for various applications, such as bottles, syringes and vials, the WLS SPS-200 label coder is a stand-alone or integrated unit. Human-readable or 2D serialized codes can be printed at high-speed. With its own PLC and separately validated controls, the SPS-200 unwinds labels (a dual unwind with splice table is shown), uses a laser (as shown on this video) or thermal transfer printer to apply a serialized code, then a camera verifies the code for accuracy before the labels are either rewound (see video) or fed into your existing labeling head. The coded labels can then be run on existing labelers, resulting in minimal re-validation of the labeler. To learn more about label serialized coding, contact Weiler today.