AUTONOMY® Detailed Overview Video Outlining the Printing Capabilities & Machine Specifications

Overview of the WLS Autonomy® digital label printer. Blank labels are unwound, printed with CMYK digital print heads, cured with a UV lamp and 100% inspected by a line scan vision system. Labels are the rewound so they can be brought to a labeling machine.

The AUTONOMY® digital label and serialization printer showcases the latest innovation from WLS. The AUTONOMY® digital label printer prints multiple size SKUs without changeover, as well as its ability to print multiple variations and multiple languages from one roll.

For 30 years, Weiler Labeling Systems has been designing, manufacturing, integrating and supporting the most sophisticated and advanced pressure sensitive labeling solutions in the marketplace. Our experience with label coding, inspection, and serialization systems has now evolved into full label digital printing. We’re excited to introduce you today to the AUTONOMY. The packaging market dynamics are changing; evolving more than ever. There is increased demand for customization, increasing your overall number of label SKUs all while decreasing the order quantities per SKU. This effectively increases your inventory requirements and puts a huge emphasis on quick changeover and OEE.

The demand for quick delivery of your packaged products is felt up and down the supply chain. AUTONOMY is your solution. This is a state of the art, high-speed, full-color digital label printer. We’re providing printing press quality and throughput, in-house, on-demand. The AUTONOMY allows you to print flexible lot sizes from tens of thousands down to batch size one. Providing you with stable label costs, independent of lot sizes. Printing what you need, when you need it.

Seamless & Simple Operation!

You do not need a press operator to run the AUTONOMY. It’s as simple to operate as a labeler with seamless recipe selections for print jobs and easy label material changes. We can print on a wide variety of label materials from Paper to BOPP plus Trans-Therm and many more. With the AUTONOMY, we’re able to merge variable data with static artwork files seamlessly in real-time, printing with speeds up to 500 labels per minute. The variable data can include your lot codes, date codes, serial numbers, linear barcodes, 2D data matrixes, PDF417 codes, stacked codes, any type of commonly used text or code. Variable data ca be loaded as a csv or xml file from a USB drive or local drive. In addition, you can connect the AUTONOMY to a network drive or serialization server. Giving you total control over your static artwork and variable data exchange.

On the AUTONOMY, we implemented a widely adopted, proven industrial inkjet technology. Using UV DoD off-the-shelf print heads and drivers, we are able to provide you with a cost-effective and robust in-house digital label printer. This is a CMYK digital label printer. Antares vision inspection system, inspecting in real-time both static artwork and variable data. Other inspection platforms can be used for variable code verification. Tracking every label with rejection capabilities. We’re here to help you meet the ever-changing market demands. Printing flexible lot sizes, down to batch size one.